The Fabian Women’s Network is a voluntary section of the Fabian Society. All women members of the Fabian Society are automatically members of the Fabian Women’s Network, at no extra cost.

Four great reasons why you should become a Fabian woman:

  1. As a Fabian woman you will become part of a thriving network for women to achieve social and political change and to participate in public life. You will get to meet, content and share knowledge and ideas with a vast number of incredible women.
  2. Fabian members receive at least four agenda-setting Fabian pamphlets each year, along with the members-only Fabian Review magazine every quarter. You can have a look at some of the latest Fabian pamphlets by clicking here.
  3. You’ll get priority entry to all of the Fabian Society’s events ranging from our 1000-strong New Year Conference to policy-focused Westminster roundtables to the biggest Fringe at Labour Party conference.
  4. And by joining Britain’s only democratically-run thinktank you’ll be able to support our research on the next generation of progressive policy and influence the debates that will define the future of the left.

As well as all the benefits of FWN and Fabian Society membership, if you’re under 31, for no extra charge, you’ll be a member of the Young Fabians too. All members will also be able to take part in events organised by the Scottish and Welsh Fabians and local Fabian societies across the country.

From the future of the state, the economy to the environment and electoral strategy, the Fabian agenda is focused on the most important challenges for the next generation of progressive politics.

How to join

The best way to join the Fabian Society is by Direct Debit.

Standard rate: £3.50 per month

Reduced rate (unwaged/under 21): £1.75 per month

For further information about membership, please email Giles Wright, Membership Officer, at

5 responses to “Join

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  2. Great evening yesterday. I would like to join but can’t find any form on the website. I am a pensioner. Belinda Price

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  4. Hello, I’m interested to join the network. What is the best way to proceed? Do you have regular meetings and if so where are they normally based? Thanks a lot in advance.

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